I wore horror shirt showing my raped and murdered daughter’s dismembered body to killer’s appeal… it’s a wake-up call

A GRIEVING mum wore a t-shirt showing her daughter’s decapitated head and dismembered body to her killer’s appeal court hearing.

Pamela Mastropietro, 18, was raped and butchered by drug dealer Innocent Oseghale in the Italian town of Macerata.

Alessandra Verni had a t-shirt printed with graphic autopsy images of her daughter's dismembered body parts


Alessandra Verni had a t-shirt printed with graphic autopsy images of her daughter’s dismembered body partsCredit: ANSA
Pamela Mastropietro, 18, was raped and murdered in Italy in 2018


Pamela Mastropietro, 18, was raped and murdered in Italy in 2018Credit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun
Innocent Oseghale is appealing against his jail sentence


Innocent Oseghale is appealing against his jail sentenceCredit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun

Pamela’s mutilated and dismembered remains were found stuffed inside two suitcases in a ditch a day later in January 2018.

Oseghale, 32, was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of murder, sexual assault and destruction of a body.

He is now appealing against part of his sentence, claiming he did not rape the teen before killing her.

Pamela’s heartbroken mum Alessandra Verni faced him in court in Perugia wearing a t-shirt printed with graphic images from her autopsy.

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The pictures, which were not previously public, show Pamela’s severed head and various other body parts on a pathologist’s table.

Alessandra said outside court: “Have you seen what they did to her? That man, who raped and tortured her, should rot in jail.”

She and Oseghale had to be pulled apart by police in court as they shouted at each other, reports Ansa.

Oseghale yelled: “Enough judicial oppression.”

Alessandra then stormed over to him and screamed: “Tell me what you want.”

Later she told La Stampa she wore the shirt as a “wake-up call”,.

She added: “After five years I am losing faith in justice. 

“I wonder what is the point of re-prosecuting Oseghale, questioning sexual violence and opening up the possibility of a sentence reduction. 

“Did he not exercise enough violence to merit life imprisonment?

“Anyone who saw those images knew that if they were made public they would shake consciences.”

Alessandra also renewed her appeal to catch Oseghale’s accomplices.

She said: “There were other people with Osenghale the day he killed Pamela.

“I feel that no one is being investigated. No one is looking for these men.”

If the court of appeals acquits Oseghale of rape, his life sentence could be shortened.

Pamela met Oseghale while looking for drugs after leaving an addiction recovery centre.

A horrified walker found her dismembered remains in abandoned suitcases in a ditch.

Cops discovered the teen’s blood-stained clothes at Oseghale’s home.

He claimed Pamela had died from an overdose – but an autopsy revealed she had been repeatedly stabbed in the stomach.

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Nigerian Oseghale arrived in Italy in 2014 as an asylum seeker but dropped out of a refugee assistance programme and started selling drugs.

He was jailed for life in 2019.

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