Mike Pence praises leaked Supreme Court draft opinion, says he prays Roe v. Wade will be overturned

Former US Vice President Mike Pence speaks during the Advancing Freedom Lecture Series at Stanford University on February 17, 2022 in Stanford, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

  • Mike Pence said on Thursday “I hope and I pray” that the leaked Roe v. Wade opinion will go through.
  • He slammed the leak of the draft, saying it was an attempt to undermine the court’s processes. 
  • Pence hailed the draft, saying the constitution provides no right to abortion. 
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Former Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday that he supports the leaked Supreme Court draft decision on Roe v. Wade and that he is praying for it to go through. 

“We have a [sic] historic opportunity to restore the sanctity of life to the centre of American law and I welcome that. And I hope and I pray that the Supreme Court of the United States, the draft opinion will hold and become part of the law of the land,” he said.

Pence made the remarks as he toured an ultrasound clinic belonging to the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanberg, South Carolina, where he was pre-scheduled to speak at the organisation’s fundraising gala, according to Fox Carolina

At the gala, his speech addressed the news of Monday’s leak, and encouraged the audience to pray and encourage the five Supreme Court justices who drafted the opinion to follow through.

Partial footage of the speech was posted to Twitter by the pro-life organisation the Susan B. Anthony List:

“We must remain steadfast,” he said. “The decision is not final. So I want to encourage you to keep praying.”

He also railed at the leak itself, which he said “was intended to undermine the integrity of [the court’s] operations.” 

“It will not succeed,” he continued. “No matter what happens in the coming weeks, the pro-abortion left will not succeed. The Supreme Court of the United States will not be intimidated and we will never stop fighting for the sanctity of life.”

There is currently no evidence pointing to the political leanings either way of who leaked the draft, as Insider’s Bryan Metzger reported. Several Republicans, such as Texas Governor Ted Cruz, have claimed that a liberal leaked it in order to whip up public pressure against it. Senator Kevin Cramer of Dakota told Insider he briefly speculated that a conservative operative did so to “get it over with.”

At the gala, Pence also asked the audience to pray for the justices’ “safety,” referring to calls from some pro-choice organisations have encouraged activists to protest outside the justices’ homes, as NBC Montana reported

The Carolina Pregnancy Center’s website says it is an organisation that provides advice and support on abortion, adoption, and parenting to pregnant women, and is described by the Baptist Courier as a “pro-life ministry.”

In footage by Fox Carolina, Pence was met outside the venue by pro-choice protesters carrying signs that read “abortion is health care” and “my body, my choice.”

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