My neighbour sued me for barbecuing too much – now I have to abide by these two ridiculous rules or face a £200k fine

A FURIOUS between two neighbours has ended up in court following complaints that the man was barbecuing too much.

An elderly man in Germany has successfully sued his neighbour after claiming he was using his grill almost every day.

A man has been sued by his neighbour for using his barbecue too much


A man has been sued by his neighbour for using his barbecue too muchCredit: Getty
A court in Germany heard how the man grilled food outside almost daily


A court in Germany heard how the man grilled food outside almost dailyCredit: Getty
He can now only grill four times a month or face a fine


He can now only grill four times a month or face a fineCredit: Getty

The 75-year-old from the town of Bad Tölz in the southeastern region of Bavaria lives in the same apartment building as his neighbour from hell, directly above his ground-floor terrace.

As reported in the German press, the man became furious after his downstairs neighbour took to grilling his food on an electric barbecue on his terrace almost daily.

In a witness report, he said that the electric grill is roughly 16 metres from his apartment.

The pensioner, named by media outlet RTL as Heinz J, complained that the smoke and smell of food became unbearable for him and his wife, and they reported the troublesome chef to the local authorities in 2021.

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At first, the case was thrown out of a court in Wolfsrathausen, but the couple appealed and a second district court in Munich eventually heard their pleas.

The court heard testimony from around a dozen residents of the apartment block who all complained about the smell and smoke caused by the grill.

Now, the court has issued the neighbour with two very specific rules about how often he is allowed to use his barbecue.

The unnamed man has been told he may only grill a maximum of four times in one month.

In addition, he cannot use the barbecue for two consecutive days in a single weekend.

If he fails to comply with these rules, he risks a whopping 250,000 euro (£221k) fine.

Speaking outside the court, Heinz J said: “It was unbearable for me so I filed a lawsuit.”

Neighbours from hell can ruin an otherwise perfect property.

Earlier this month, a frustrated resident took to social media to complain that his neighbour calls the police every time he uses his back garden.

The man posted on Reddit’s Neighbours from Hell forum that the local busybody would make a noise complaint over everything from having a barbecue to smoking a cigarette.

He said the police had been called multiple times to his house, and now he was out for revenge.

In another bizarre incident, a woman was caught dumping cement over her neighbour’s fence after a row between the two households escalated.

Joanne Shreeves, daughter of ex-Spurs manager Peter Shreeves, laughed as she was filmed waging war on her neighbours, even threatening to kill them.

The “possessed” 51-year-old caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage when she destroyed neighbour Trevor Dempsey’s fence, garden flowers and potting shed, all the while spitting and shouting at him.

And a woman in the US told The Sun how her neighbour set up spy cameras facing her property after she complained about them making too much noise.

Shannon Tanner from Waynesville, Missouri said her dream home had become a nightmare thanks to her neighbour’s increasingly sinister behaviour.

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The bizarre family next door even constructed a 20-foot wall of rubbish and set up a “watch tower” with chairs and lights so they could stare into her garden.

Have you got experiences of a neighbour from hell? Email [email protected] to get in touch.

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