Ukraine war latest: Russian attacks risked nuclear ‘catastrophe’, Putin told

Ukraine war latest: Russian attacks risked nuclear ‘catastrophe’, Putin told

Zelensky slams fresh strikes as ‘another Russian terrorist attack’

Russia caused a “real danger of a nuclear and radioactive catastrophe” by launching attacks in which all Ukraine’s nuclear reactors were disconnected from the power grid for the first time in 40 years, Kyiv’s nuclear energy chief said.

Petro Kotin, head of nuclear power company Energoatom, said in a statement on Thursday the vast nuclear power plant in the Zaporizhzhia region had been reconnected to the national power grid after Russian air strikes on Wednesday, and that the backup diesel generators at the site had been turned off.

It comes as repeated missile barrages against power infrastructure across Ukraine over the last few weeks have forced millions of people to go without light, water or heating for hours or days at a time, just as outdoor temperatures fall below freezing.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskovsaid “there have been no strikes on ‘social’ targets and there are none – special attention is paid to this”.
“As for targets that are directly or indirectly related to military potential, they are accordingly subject to strikes,” he said.


We are pausing our live updates on the Russian war in Ukraine for now. Join us again tomorrow for all the latest.

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Why did Russia invade Ukraine?

Emily Atkinson24 November 2022 21:00


Feeling flush? Naked Vladimir Putin golden toilet sculpture up for auction to raise cash for Ukraine

A nude effigy of Russian president Vladimir Putin perched on top of an ornate golden toilet has been put up for auction by a group of Czech activists who plan to use the proceeds from the sale to buy and send a combat drone to Ukraine’s forces.

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Ukraine: Putin’s Russia declared ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ by European Parliament

Read our report in full here:

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Berlin dismisses Warsaw’s demand for air defences to be transferred to Ukraine

Berlin has made it clear that the Patriot air defence units it offered to Poland are intended for use on Nato territory, countering demands by Warsaw for the system to be sent to Ukraine.

“These Patriots are part of Nato’s integrated air defence, meaning they are intended to be deployed on Nato territory,” German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said in Berlin.

“Any use outside Nato territory would require prior discussions with Nato and the allies,” she added.

Berlin offered Warsaw the Patriot missile defence system to help secure its airspace after a stray missile crashed and killed two people in Poland last week.

Emily Atkinson24 November 2022 19:30


Friend or foe: Hungary delays ratifying Sweden and Finland’s bid for Nato membership

Hungary has delayed ratifying Finland and Sweden’s bid for Nato membership – but Prime Minister Viktor Orban said it would be approved early next year.

Orban told a briefing after a meeting of the Visegrad Group in Slovakia that his government had already decided that Hungary would support Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO accession and parliament would set this item on its agenda at its first session next year.

“Hungary will surely give its backing to their accession, after the government had done, also parliament will do so,” Orban said. Parliament normally reconvenes around mid-February.

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More than 15,000 people ‘have gone missing during Ukraine war’

More than 15,000 people have gone missing during Russia’s invasion ofUkraine, an official at the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has said.

The ICMP’s programme director for Europe, Matthew Holliday, told Reuters it was unclear how many people had been forcibly transferred, were being held in detention in Russia, were alive and separated from their family members, or had died and had been buried in makeshift graves.

Mr Holliday said the process of investigating the missing in Ukraine will last years even after fighting stops. The 15,000 figure is conservative when considering that in the port city of Mariupol alone authorities estimate as many as 25,000 people are either dead or missing.

“The numbers are huge and the challenges that Ukraine faces are vast. Besides which they’re fighting an ongoing war as well against the Russian Federation,” Holliday said.

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Images capture Kyiv residents queuing up to fill plastic bottles at a water pump in a park in the Ukrainian capital.

The city is continuing to struggle to repair its battered power and water services after Russia targeted the electricity grid with dozens of cruise missiles.

(AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP via Getty Images)

(AFP via Getty Images)

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Putin accused of ‘weaponising winter’

US ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of “clearly weaponising winter to inflict immense suffering on the Ukrainian people”.

With temperatures already well below freezing in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, Ms Thomas Greenfield said the Russian president “will try to freeze the country into submission.”

Emily Atkinson24 November 2022 17:40


First reactor of Ukraine’s Khmelnytskyi nuclear plant ‘reconnected to grid’

The first reactor of Ukraine’s Khmelnytskyi nuclear plant has been reconnected to the country’s power grid, regional governor Serhiy Hamaliy said.

The Khmelnytskyi plant disconnected from Ukraine’s grid on Wednesday after Russian strikes on the country’s power system, Ukrainian officials said.

Emily Atkinson24 November 2022 17:04

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